Monday, June 8, 2020

WordPress WebSite Solutions in Montreal.

WordPress is the most popular CRM worldwide period.
However, this user friendly platform needs to be secured before the launch of the solution.
Also, let's talk about the optimization, SEO, the extension and the speed!

For all these reasons, I offer the best WebSite Solution with WordPress in Montreal.
All my WordPress Solutions start with an efficient & secure hosting.
Google search engine wants secure and super fast servers and websites.
Get an efficient & secure hosting solution here:

What about WordPress itself?!
I use a very specific WordPress version, that I cleaned previously.
Then I select the needs of extensions carefully. Very often I must clean them because they talk
too much in the background to the owners, or for security reasons for example.

The Design
The design should offer an amazing user experience with an innovative user interface.
Design should be adaptive for mobile first! In 2020, your customers are on mobile, so
let's make it easy for them to purchase your products or services.
Let's optimize the design for them.

SEO optimization
There's tons of extensions for the SEO, a lot of them are feature rich, which doesn't mean
that we need to use them all. Also how to get the best benefit from them.
Since over a decade, I focus on the OnSite SEO for all of my WordPress solutions.

Everybody wants to be on the first page of Google Search Engine.
There are strategies to make this happen. I know them and I will make sure that
your WordPress Project will be on the top of Google.

I invite you on my website to learn more and start your project with me.